Saturday, October 14, 2006

Putz explains why GOP is so unpopular.

This is hilarious. Putz's Top 6 Reasons Why The Republicans Are Going To Lose:

1. Terri Schiavo (that's one of 'em)
2. Harriet Miers (no)
3. Dubai (eh)
4. Immigration (yep)
5. Hastert's support of William Jefferson (no freaking way)
6. Foleygate

A pretty silly list. Anyone see anything missing?

Oh right, that little thing happening in Iraq, President Bush's godawful numbers (historically, a POTUS under 40 means the Congress flips) and Hurricane Katrina.

William Jefferson. Too rich.

Putz seems unable to concede just how badly the GOP has screwed up in Iraq. It will haunt his party for many years to come.


TS said...

Christ, where to begin? I started laughing at "No, [the Schiavo affair] wasn't really a case of "theocracy" at work, as people like Ralph Nader agreed with the social conservatives."

Yeah, Putz. Nader, a guy from the fringe who liberals, with 99% certainty, really fucking hate, disagrees with said liberals and supports the Christian Right. This, in Putzland, somehow equals notatheocracy. Because...?

The dumb fuck had better have tenure, for his own sake.

Blue Texan said...

Yeah, it's not theocracy. It's just people making laws, based on their religion.

The President couldn't interrupt his vacation for Katrina, but flies in the middle of the night to sign the Schiavo bill.

Anyone else buy this?

Garrett said...

I disagree with 5 -- that sort of protectionism _was_ one of the big reasons for me to vote against the Republicans. I just didn't actually remember that that was an available exactly. :-)